Canadian pageants rejoices and promotes Canadian beauty and talent. One of the many pageants under our banner is Miss India Worldwide Canada. Miss India Worldwide Canada has  been around for many years celebrating Indo-Canadian culture, endowment and beauty. This is a platform like no other, which gives the winner a chance to participate and represent        Canada in an international Indian pageant amongst 40 participating countries around the world..... Read More      

Tony Chawla



A wave and shout out to Queen Samantha Rodrigues, who a week before was crowned Miss Bollywood.

The charming Panchal brings to bear intelligence, beauty, and confidence. also, her perseverance, glamour and dedication along with her support system – Rakesh, Rita and Kunal- was what led her to victory: crowned Miss India Worldwide Canada 2014.

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The participants competing against each other have to go through rounds. The winners may have to compete in later stages or rounds until there is just one winner.

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Sponsors and sponsored parties should set out clear terms and conditions with all other partners involved, to define their expectations regarding all aspects of the sponsorship deal.

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